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 Date of decision
Party Name
Appeal no.
20-11-2017 Sri Shivaji Balaram Haibatti v. Sri Avinash Maruthi Pawar 
Leave granted....
    Civil Appeal No. 19421 of 2017
17-11-2017 Kuna @ Sanjaya Behera v. The State of Odisha 
The appellant, successively convicted by both the courts below along with one Pravati Behera under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 (for Short, hereinafter to be referred to as “IPC/Code”) along with Section 34 of the Code is in appeal seeking remedial intervention.
    Criminal Appeal No. 677 of 2010
16-11-2017 Naresh Chaubey v. Central Bureau of Investigation through Gyanendra PD Singh 
Leave granted....
    Criminal Appeal No. 1963 of 2017
15-11-2017 Dr. Kazimunnisa (Dead) By L.R. v. Zakia Sultana (Dead) By L.R. & Ors. 
Leave granted....
    Civil Appeal Nos. 18783-18784 of 2017
15-11-2017 Chirag M. Pathak & Ors. etc. etc. v. Dollyben Kantilal & Ors. 
Leave granted....
    Criminal Appeal Nos. 1947-1956 of 2017
15-11-2017 Vikram Singh v. The Commissioner of Police 
Leave granted....
    Civil Appeal No(s). 18800/2017
15-11-2017 Avtar Singh v. Union of India and Ors. 
Leave granted....
    Civil Appeal No(s). 18798/2017
15-11-2017 Union of India & Ors. v. Amit Singh 
Leave granted....
    Civil Appeal No(s). 18799/2017
14-11-2017 Indian Oil Corporation Limited v. State of Bihar & Anr. 
The present appeal and special leave petitions arise out of demands made from the Appellant for payment of Entry Tax under the Bihar Tax on Entry of Goods into Local Areas for Consumption, Use or Sale Therein Act, 1993 (hereinafter referred to as the Entry Tax Act)....
    Civil Appeal No. 3018 of 2017
14-11-2017 Kamini Jaiswal v. Union of India & Anr. 
The facts are disturbing in the instant case....
    Writ Petition [Criminal] No. 176 of 2017
14-11-2017 Sivanandan C.T. & Ors. v. High Court of Kerala & Ors. 
The selection of District & Sessions Judges in the Kerala Higher Judicial Service in the year 2015 has given rise to this litigation....
    Writ Petition (Civil) No. 229 of 2017
14-11-2017 The State of Tripura & Ors. v. Jayanta Chakraborty & Ors. 
The questions posed in these cases involve the interpretation of Articles 16(4), 16(4A) and 16(4B) of the Constitution of India in the backdrop of mainly three Constitution Bench decisions - (1) Indra Sawhney v. Union of India1, (2) E.V Chinnaiah v. <...
    Civil Appeal No(s). 4562-4564 of 2017
14-11-2017 Ismail Hushen Ghanchi v. National Highways Authority of India 
Delay condoned....
    Civil Appeal Nos. 18744-18745 of 2017
14-11-2017 Om Prakash Dhabai & Anr. v. The State of Rajasthan & Ors. 
Leave granted....
    Civil Appeal Nos. 18741 of 2017
13-11-2017 Jaykrishna Industries Ltd. through Director v. State of Maharashtra and Others 
Leave granted in both Special Leave Petitions....
    Civil Appeal No. 496 of 2007
13-11-2017 Prasadi Devi v. Nagar Palika Sawai Madhopur, (Now Nagar Parishad) 
Leave granted....
    Civil Appeal No. ... of 2017 [Arising out of SLP (C) No. 27333/2015]
13-11-2017 State of Uttarakhand v. Jairnail Singh 
Leave granted....
    Criminal Appeal No. … of 2017 [Arising out of S.L.P.(Crl.) No. 1651 of 2015]
13-11-2017 Sagar Pandurang Dhundare v. Keshav Aaba Patil and Others 
The crucial question to be decided is whether a family member of the original encroacher can be disqualified, under the Maharashtra Village Panchayats Act, 1958 (for short “the Act”). ...
    Civil Appeal No(s). 2306-2307 of 2017
10-11-2017 Khekh Ram v. State of H.P. 
The instant appeal mounts a challenge to the judgment and orders dated 19.09.2016 and 22.09.2016 of the High Court of Himachal Pradesh at Shimla rendered in Criminal Appeal No. 218 of 2011 thereby reversing the verdict dated 29.12.2010 of acquittal of the appellant by the Trial Cour...
    Criminal Appeal No. 1110 of 2016
10-11-2017 Campaign for Judicial Accountability and Reforms v. Union of India and Another 

“Mr. Prashant Bhushan, learned counsel has brought to our notice order dated 09.11.2017 passed in W.P(Crl.) No. 176/2017 referring the matter to the Constitution Bench. Let the matter be placed before Hon'ble...

    Writ Petition (Crl.) No. 169 of 2017
10-11-2017 Rohit Tandon v. The Enforcement Directorate 
By these appeals the order of the High Court of Delhi at New Delhi dated 5th May, 2017, rejecting the Bail Application No. 119 of 2017 and Criminal M.B. No. 121 of 2017 has been assailed...
    Criminal Appeal Nos. 1878-1879 of 2017
10-11-2017 M/s. SRD Nutrients Private Limited v. Commissioner of Central Excise Guwahati 
Leave granted in the special leave petitions....
    Civil Appeal Nos. 2781-2790 of 2010
10-11-2017 Uttarakhand Transport Corporation (Earlier known as U.P.S.R.T.C.) & Ors. v. Sukhveer Singh 
 Leave granted....
    Civil Appeal No. 18448 of 2017
10-11-2017 Union of India and Others v. Maj. Gen. Manomoy Ganguly, VSM 
Respondent herein belongs to the Army Medical Corps. ...
    Civil Appeal No. 17535 of 2017
09-11-2017 Kerala Private Hospital Association v. State of Kerala & Ors. 
I.A. seeking impleadment as party respondent is allowed....
    Civil Appeal No. 18368 of 2017 [Arising out of SLP (C) No. 16602/2017]
09-11-2017 National Institute of Medical Science University Rajasthan & Anr. v. State of Rajasthan & Ors. 
These petitions are illustrative of how some interests can frustrate the rule of law and get away with it. ...
    Special Leave to Appeal (Civil) Nos. 38040-38041 of 2012
09-11-2017 Management of Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. v. M. Mani 
These appeals are filed against the common final judgment and order dated 16.04.2007 passed by the High Court of Judicature at Madras in Writ Appeal Nos. 3789 of 2003 and 3790 of 2003 whereby the High Court allowed the appeals filed by the respondents and directed the appellant to r...
    Civil Appeal No. 10766 of 2013
09-11-2017 Kamini Jaiswal v. Union of India & Anr. 
Issue notice....
    Writ Petition(s) (Criminal) No(s). 176/2017
08-11-2017 R.P. Luthra v. Union of India Ministry of Law and Justice Thr. its Secretary & Anr. 
Heard Mr. R.P. Luthra, the petitioner in-person, Mr. Maninder Singh and Mr. P.S. Narasimha, learned Additional Solicitor Generals for the Union of India and Mr. K.V. Vishwanathan, learned Amicus Curiae....
    Petition(s) for Special Leave to Appeal (C) Nos. 28662-28663/2017
08-11-2017 Mrs. Lynette Fernandes v. Mrs. Gertie Mathias since Deceased by Lrs. 
This appeal arises out of Judgment dated 30th November, 2006, passed by High Court of Karnataka, Bangalore, in Miscellaneous First Appeal No. 2744/00 (ISA). ...
    Civil Appeal No. 2933 of 2010
07-11-2017 Union of India & Ors. v. Bengal Shrachi Housing Development Limited & Anr. 
The present appeal arises from service tax payable under a clause in the deed of lease dated 1.9.2012, between the Appellants (lessee) and the Respondents (lessor)....
    Civil Appeal No. 9952 of 2017
07-11-2017 Shankar v. The State of Maharashtra & Ors. 
The issues raised in these appeals have been dealt with by this Court vide judgment dated 07.11.2017 rendered in Civil Appeal No. 7938/2010 titled Amol v. The State of Maharashtra, wherein this Court has upheld the stand taken by the High Court on veri...
    Civil Appeal No(s). 7940/2010
07-11-2017 Amol v. The State of Maharashtra & Ors 
The appellant applied for the post of Krishi Sevak in the Department of Agriculture, Government of Maharashtra....
    Civil Appeal No(s). 7938/2010
07-11-2017 Vijay S/o Wamanrao Kamble v. Dnyaneshwar Mahadeo Mali & Ors. 
Leave granted....
    Civil Appeal No. 18815 of 2017
06-11-2017 Suresh Kumar through GPA v. Anil Kakaria & Ors. 
This appeal is filed by the plaintiff against the judgment and order dated 02.05.2006 passed by the High Court of Punjab and Haryana at Chandigarh in R.S.A. No. 1522 of 2006 whereby the High Court dismissed the second appeal filed by the appellant herein and affirmed the judgment an...
    Civil Appeal No. 4383 of 2009
06-11-2017 The State of Uttar Pradesh v. Tribhuwan & Ors. 
This appeal is filed by the State against the judgment and order dated 10.02.2006 of the High Court of Judicature at Allahabad in Criminal Appeal No. 211 of 1982 whereby the High Court partly allowed the appeal filed by the accused persons and while upholding the conviction of the f...
    Criminal Appeal No. 2437 of 2010
06-11-2017 Ankur Kapoor v. Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd. 
Leave granted....
    Civil Appeal No.__17998_____of 2017
06-11-2017 Madhusudan Kabra & Ors. v. The State of Maharashtra & Ors. 
Leave granted....
    Civil Appeal No. 18001 of 2017
06-11-2017 Daler Khan & Ors. v. State of Himachal Pradesh & Ors. 
Leave granted....
    Civil Appeal Nos. 18012-18013 of 2017
03-11-2017 Orissa Lift Irrigation Corp. Ltd. v. Rabi Sankar Patro & Ors. 
Leave to appeal granted in all Special Leave Petitions....
    Civil Appeal Nos. 17869-17870/2017

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