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November 2008
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Supreme Court Rules, 1966 amended
Telecommunication Tariff Order, 1999 amended
Addition of other person as accused (2008) 9 SCC 140
Auction cannot be set aside on subsequent higher bid by non-participant (2008) 9 SCC 299
Communication of grading in a confidential report must be for all entries (2008) 8 SCC 725
Conviction for rape under S. 375 fourthly IPC for cohabiting with a woman while first marriage subsisting, sustainable (2008) 8 SCC 531
Defect in investigation does not itself vitiate the trial based on such investigation (2007) 13 SCC 530
Essence and applicability of the principle of quantum meruit explained (2007) 13 SCC 544
Executive instructions cannot prevail over Statutory Rules (2007) 13 SCC 606
Hair dye classifiable under Item 68 of Sch. I to CE Act (2008) 8 SCC 600
High Status no bar to bona fide requirement of premises (2008) 9 SCC 1
In application for restoration of appeal dismissed in default, merely that the appeal has been dismissed on merits cannot itself be a ground to refuse restoration of appeal (2007) 13 SCC 574
Land acquisition cannot be challenged by subsequent purchaser (2008) 9 SCC 177
Land under acquisition cannot be transferred (2008) 9 SCC 177
Landlord is the best judge of his requirement (2008) 8 SCC 497
Manner and approach of exercise of power in PIL laid down* (2008) 8 SCC 765
Power to declare SC/ST status (2008) 9 SCC 54
Presumption of unfairness in investigation of communal riots if justified (2008) 9 SCC 204
Question of husband being a ?workman? under his wife (2007) 13 SCC 446
Remand of cases to Company Law Board (CLB) (2008) 8 SCC 754
Restructuring can lead to situation of promotion inviting reservation (2008) 9 SCC 243
Rules made on matters permitted by the Act in order to supplement the Act and not to supplant the Act, cannot be held to be in violation of the Act (2007) 13 SCC 673
Sales Tax exemption cancelled on violation of eligibility condition (2008) 9 SCC 230
Scope of appeal against MV award (2008) 9 SCC 100
VAT on composite works contract (2008) 9 SCC 191
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