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May 2009
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Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945 amended
Central Industrial Security Force Act, 1968 amended
Carriage by Air Act, 1972 amended
Apprentices Act, 1961
Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority Act, 1985 amended
Wrongful withholding of company property (2009) 3 SCC 342
Winding up for non-payment of debt (2009) 3 SCC 527
Whether maintenance includes right to residence in matrimonial home (2008) 14 SCC 345
Where charge specifically framed under S. 302 whether conviction could be under S. 302 r/w S. 34 (2008) 14 SCC 27
Symbol is not an intellectual property of any particular political party (2008) 14 SCC 318
?Small quantity? of narcotic (2009) 4 SCC 42
Scope of declaratory power of court/tribunal (2009) 4 SCC 183
Right of purchaser or lessee under control of sale against proposed seller having no title or imperfect title (2008) 14 SCC 435
Reservation does not create communal electorates* (2009) 4 SCC 1
Regular service distinguished from work-charged service (2009) 3 SCC 661
Quashment of criminal proceedings for delay (2009) 3 SCC 355
Promotion takes effect from the date from which it is granted and not from the date of occurrence of vacancy or creation of post (2008) 14 SCC 29
Principle of constructive res judicata applies also to writ proceedings (2008) 12 SCC 724
Primacy of charge created by State sales tax laws (2009) 4 SCC 94
Prerequisites as to forfeiture of property under Chap. V-A, Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1986 (2008) 14 SCC 186
Power of trial court to consider material produced by the defence at the stage of cognizance or framing of charges (2008) 14 SCC 1
Loss of seniority on failure to pass departmental exam (2009) 3 SCC 673
Interest on government securities whether liable to be assessed under S. 2(7) of Interest Tax Act, 1974 (2008) 14 SCC 236
Development in coastal areas (2009) 3 SCC 739
Demand for development fee (2009) 3 SCC 553
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