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20-04-2021 PASL Wind Solutions Private Limited v. GE Power Conversion India Private Limited 

1. Leave granted.

    Civil Appeal No. 1647 of 2021
20-04-2021 Radha Krishan Industries v. State of Himachal Pradesh and Others 
1. This appeal raises significant issues of public importance, engaging as it does, the interface between citizens and their businesses with the fiscal administration....
    Civil Appeal No 1155 of 2021
20-04-2021 State of Uttar Pradesh v. High Court of Judicature at Allahabad 

1. Mr. Tushar Mehta, learned Solicitor General of India, seeks permission to delete the name of respondent no. 1, i.e., High Court of Judicature at Allahabad from the array ...

    Special Leave Petition (Civil) Diary No(s). 10862/2021
20-04-2021 In Re: To Issue Certain Guidelines Regarding Inadequacies and Deficiencies in Criminal Trials v. State of Andhra Pradesh and Others 
1. This suo motu proceeding under Article 32 was initiated during the course of hearing of a criminal appeal1. ...
    Suo Moto Writ (Crl) No.(s) 1/2017
20-04-2021 Devendra Kumar Saxena v. Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and Others 
1. While Transfer Petition (Criminal) No. 355 of 2020 is filed by a retired Chief Engineer of the Central Public Works Department, who is arrayed as Accused No. 1 in a criminal case in Special CBI Case No. 18 of 2012, for tra...
    Transfer Petition (Criminal) No. 355 of 2020 With Transfer Petition (Criminal) No. 357 of 2020
20-04-2021 PLR Projects Pvt. Ltd. v. Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd. and Others 

1. The High Courts are in a crisis situation.

    Transfer Petition (Civil) No. 2419 of 2019
20-04-2021 Lok Prahari Through its General Secretary S.N. Shukla IAS (Retd.) v. Union of India and Others 
1. The intent of our order today is to activate a dormant provision of the Constitution of India - Article 224A - for the appointment of ad hoc Judges to deal with the unprecedented situation arising from the backlog of cases...
    Writ Petition (C) No. 1236 of 2019
20-04-2021 Ramesh Bhavan Rathod v. Vishanbhai Hirabhai Makwana Makwana (Koli) and Another 

1. This batch of five appeals arises from orders of the High Court of Gujarat granting bail, under Section 439 of the Code of Criminal Procedure 19731, to six per...

    Criminal Appeal No 422 of 2021
19-04-2021 Ramachnadrapura Math v. Sri Samsthana Mahabaleshwara Devaru and Others 
1. The petitioners are before this Court claiming to be aggrieved by the order dated 10.08.2018 passed by the High Court of Karnataka in W.P. No. 30609/2008 and connected petitions. ...
    Civil Appeal Nos. 1631-1636/2021
19-04-2021 M.K. Ranjitsinh and Others v. Union of India and Others 
1. The writ petition is filed in the nature of public interest seeking to protect two species of birds namely the Great Indian Bustard ('GIB' for short) and the Lesser Florican, which is on the verge of extinction.
    I.A. No. 85618 of 2020 In Writ Petition (Civil) No. 838 of 2019
16-04-2021 Boota Singh and Others v. State of Haryana 

1. This appeal challenges the judgment and final order dated 03.03.2020 passed by the High Court of Punjab & Haryana at Chandigarh dismissing CR A-S-1759-SB-2004 preferr...

    Criminal Appeal No. 421 of 2021
16-04-2021 In Re: Expeditious Trial of Cases Under Section 138 of N.I. Act 1881 
1. Special Leave Petition (Criminal) No. 5464 of 2016 pertains to dishonour of two cheques on 27.01.2005 for an amount of Rs. 1,70,000/-. ...
    Suo Motu Writ Petition (Crl.) No. 2 of 2020
15-04-2021 Asset Reconstruction Company (India) Limited v. Bishal Jaiswal and Another 
1. In 2009, Corporate Power Ltd. ["the corporate debtor"] set up a thermal power project in Jharkhand, and for so doing, availed of loan facilities from various lenders, including the State Bank of India ["SBI"]...
    Civil Appeal No. 323 of 2021
15-04-2021 Viit Pharmacy College and Another v. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University and Another 

1. The petitioners have approached this Court seeking a direction to the respondent No. 1-Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University (hereinafter referred to as the 'Univer...

    Writ Petition (C) No. 390 of 2021
13-04-2021 State of Rajasthan v. Ashok Kumar Kashyap 

1. In the facts and circumstances of the case and having heard the learned counsel for the respective parties, the delay caused in filing the special leave petition is hereb...

    Criminal Appeal No. 407 of 2021
13-04-2021 Ghanashyam Mishra and Sons Private Limited through the Authorized Signatory v. Edelweiss Asset Reconstruction Company Limited Through The Director and Others 

1. Leave granted in Special Leave Petition (Civil) Nos. 11232 of 2020 and 7147-7150 of 2020.

    Civil Appeal No. 8129 of 2019
13-04-2021 Neeharika Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. v. State of Maharashtra and Others 
2. That the appellant herein has lodged an FIR against respondent nos. 2 to 4 herein - original accused at Worli Police Station, Mumbai for the offences under Sections 406, 420, 465, 468, 471 and 120B of the Indian Penal Code...
    Criminal Appeal No. 330 of 2021
12-04-2021 Justice V. Eswaraiah (Retd.) v. Union of India and Others 

1. This special leave petition has been filed by the petitioner, a non-party, to the Writ Petition PIL No. 168 of 2020 questioning the order dated 13.08.2020 passed in the w...

    Special Leave Petition (C) No. 6100 of 2021 (Diary No. 24744 of 2020)
12-04-2021 IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance Company Ltd. v. Pearl Beverages Ltd. 

1. Leave granted.

    Civil Appeal No. of 2021 [Arising out of SLP (Civil) No. 12489/2020]
12-04-2021 Envitech Marine Consultants Private Limited and Others v. Union of India and Another 
1. The writ petition filed by the petitioners, seeking a 'No Objection Certificate' from the Ministry of Defence of the Government of India, for the conversion of the warship INS Viraat from scrap to preserve having been disp...
    Special Leave Petition (Civil) Nos. 288-289 of 2021
09-04-2021 Sudesh Kedia v. Union of India 
1. The Appellant is accused of committing offences under Sections 120B/414/384/386/387 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 (IPC) read with Sections 17/18/21 of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967 along with Sections 25(...
    Criminal Appeal Nos. 314-315 of 2021
09-04-2021 A.R. Madana Gopal etc. etc. v. Ramnath Publications Pvt. Ltd. and Another 

1. These Appeals are filed against the judgment of the Division Bench of the Madras High Court by which a decree for specific performance passed by the learned Single Judge ...

    Civil Appeal Nos. 3523-3526 of 2010
09-04-2021 Utkal Suppliers v. Maa Kanak Durga Enterprises and Others 

1. Leave granted.

    Civil Appeal Nos. 1517-1518 of 2021
09-04-2021 Central Coalfields Limited through its Chairman and Managing Director and Others v. Parden Oraon 
1. The respondent requested the appellants to appoint her son in the place of his father who was missing since 2002 which was rejected. ...
    Civil Appeal No. 897 of 2021
09-04-2021 Ram Kishan v. State of Rajasthan and Others 

2. This appeal has been filed challenging the Order of the Rajasthan High Court whereby the First Information Report (for short 'FIR') No. 217 of 2006 lodged by the appellan...

    Criminal Appeal No. 393 of 2021
09-04-2021 M.C. Mehta v. Union of India and Others 

1. The North Delhi Municipal Corporation has come up with this application seeking to register 2 numbers of CNG BS-IV Tata Trucks with water tankers and 46 CNG BS-IV Auto ti...

    Writ Petition(s) (Civil) No(s). 13029/1985
08-04-2021 Acquainted Realtors LLP etc. etc. v. State of Haryana and Others 
1. Delay condoned. ...
    Civil Appeal No(s). 1330-1332 of 2021
08-04-2021 Ved and Another v. State of Haryana and Another 
1. Delay condoned. ...
    Civil Appeal No(s). 1158 of 2021
08-04-2021 V. Sreenivasa Reddy v. B.L. Rathnamma 

1. Leave granted.

    Civil Appeal No. of 2021
08-04-2021 Dipankar Debapriya Haldar v. Teesta Dipankar Haldar 
1. The petitioner is the husband of the respondent herein. ...
    Transfer Petition (Civil) No. 429 of 2019
08-04-2021 Mohammad Salimullah and Another v. Union of India and Others 

1. Pending disposal of their main writ petition praying for the issue of an appropriate writ directing the respondents to provide basic human amenities to the members of the...

    Interlocutory Application No. 38048 of 2021 In Writ Petition (Civil) No. 793 of 2017
08-04-2021 Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Developemnt Corporation Limited and Others v. Rameshwar Dass (Dead) and Others 

1. Miscellaneous Application Nos. 926-930 of 2019 and I.A. No. 118262 of 2019 are preferred by landholders from villages Bas Khusla, Bas Haria and Dhana ('the concerned vill...

    Miscellaneous Application Nos. 926-930 of 2019 in Civil Appeal Nos. 363, 388, 413, 475 & 485 of 2019
08-04-2021 Anil Deshmukh v. State of Maharashtra and Others 

1. Permission to file SLPs. is granted in D. NO. 9414/2021.

    Special Leave Petition (Criminal) Diary No(s). 9414/2021
07-04-2021 Puneet Sharma and Others v. Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board Ltd. and Another 
1. Leave granted. ...
    Civil Appeal No(s). 1318-1322 of 2021
06-04-2021 Shital Fibers Ltd. v. Indian Acrylics Limited 

1. Leave granted.

    Civil Appeal No. 1105 of 2021
06-04-2021 Sanjiv Prakash v. Seema Kukreja and Others 

1. This appeal arises out of the dismissal of a petition under Section 11 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 ["1996 Act"] filed before the High Court of De...

    Civil Appeal No. 975 of 2021
06-04-2021 Shanmugam v. State by Inspector of Police, Tamil Nadu 

1. This appeal by special leave is filed against the judgment dated 26.02.2008 in Crl. Appeal No. 508 of 2007 passed by the High Court of Judicature at Madras, wherein the c...

    Criminal Appeal No. 900 of 2010
06-04-2021 Gurdev Singh v. State of Punjab 
2. At the outset, it is required to be noted that vide earlier order dated 16.12.2020, this Court has refused to interfere with the conviction of the appellant for an offence punishable under Section 21 of the Act however, ha...
    Criminal Appeal No. 375 of 2021
06-04-2021 Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax and Another v. Pepsi Foods Ltd. (Now Pepsico India Holdings Pvt. Ltd.) 

1. Delay condoned.

    Civil Appeal No. 1106 of 2021
06-04-2021 Yogesh v. State of Haryana 

1. These appeals arise out of the common judgment and final order dated 09.10.2013 passed by the High Court of Punjab and Haryana at Chandigarh in Criminal Appeals No. D-719...

    Criminal Appeal No. 1306 of 2017

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