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 LEGAL ROUNDUP | July 2012
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 LEGAL NEWS | July 2012
Legal Briefs from the Supreme Court
On the issue as to whether the Copyright Board under Section 31(1)(b) of the Copyright Act, 1957 can pass an interim order in the pending complaint, the Court observed that the language used in the section clearly contemplates a final order after a hearing and after holding an inquiry to see whether the ground for withholding of the work from the public was justified or not. There is no hint of any power having been given to the Board to make interim arrangements, such as, grant of interim compulsory licences, during the pendency of a final decision of an application. Therefore, to grant an interim compulsory licence during the stay of the proceedings would amount to granting the final relief at the interim stage, although the power to grant such relief has not been vested in the Board
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